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Morris Audio
Butter Mix 12

Morris Audio have been one of our favourite, and one of Switzerland's leading house and techno labels for the past decade or so. Releasing music with artists like Azuni, Deetron and Tigerskin, aswell as Julien Sandre who is the lad that put together the mix.

We've been following Morris Audio releases for a while now but we still know very little about your roots. Can you tell us about the beginning of the label and what its all about?

I started Morris Audio in 2000, the year my first son was born. His name is...well...Morris! I was involved with music for quite some time before, and also ran labels like Phont Music and Superbra. At this time i needed an outlet for music that had some sort of “home listening” character, more housey stuff and a bit less club focused. Looking back, Morris Audio has always been quite diverse in releases, even if all records can be filed as “house/techno”.

The label has been going on over a decade as one of Switzerland's leading house and techno labels. How did MA survive the painful drop in record sales experienced around the world and maintain a steady release schedule when so many other labels failed?

Well, there are several factors that we have to think of: passion for music, a big network of artists and (above all) financial aims are not a priority. It’s harder nowadays than it was like some years before for sure. But as long as you love it you have to do it!

Can you tell us about the concept behind the Morris Audio Citysport Edition?

Morris Audio Citysport Edition has been launched as a platform for a wider range of styles. There were some techno releases, some minimal releases, some electro releases and lately more deep house releases. It was more like a limited edition series. There won’t be too much activity on the label in 2012, the main focus is on Morris Audio.

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Which 3 albums have been your favourites recently?

The Burrell Brothers – The Burrell Brothers present: The Nu Groove Years (Rush Hour)

Jason Grove - 313.4 ever (Skylax)

V.A. - Cabin Fever Vol. 1. (Cabin Fever).

Whats coming up next for Morris Audio?

Well, Morris Audio just changed distribution, so once that is all over there are new releases from Jordan Peak, Julien Sandre and the vol. 2 of the V.A. series “seven daze a week”, plus some new hot signings. Tell us a little about the mix that Julien Sandre has put together. Julien Sandre is a name to watch! Hailing from Paris, he made his name for some punchy yet deep Tech/House and i really like his stuff. This mix reflects his style well and we hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Sinan Turan