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Butter Mix 27

Australian duo Alex Murray and Mark Smith aka Gardland are usually known for their all analog improvised techno jams, but have recently made a name for themselves as DJ's since making the move to Berlin. Their debut album from 2013 "Syndrome Syndrome" on the always excellent Brooklyn based RVNG Intl showed off a unique range of techno soundscapes that was matched in quality with their follow up Improvisations EP this year. In between all of that, they also run Hunter Gatherer Records that is "seeking to fill a void in Sydney's music landscape" with releases from other Australian artists such as Cassius Select and Gareth Psaltis. Keep an eye out for another LP from the guys on RVNG Intl that will be dropping next year!Here's a couple of words from Gardland about the mix............"This was the first chance we’ve had to record a mix since we moved over here about seven months ago. We finally got a place together; before that our turntables were on Alex’s floor so mixing involved dropping a knee or trying to get comfortable sitting/lying/sprawling on the ground. Some how moving all our stuff from one side of town to another messed up our 1210s. Fixing it requires taking off all the feet and messing with the internal mount of the tonearm, something we didn’t want to deal with, but we recorded the mix anyway...."


SVN & AU feat Paleo - It Takes Time

Lee Gamble - Mimas Skank

K-Alexi - The Dancer (Ron Trent remix)

TM-404 - 202/303/303/303/808 (Svreca remix)

Joey Anderson - Hydrine

Roman IV - Altes Testament

DJ Qu - Party People Clap (Anthony Parasole and Fred P remix)

Burkina Sowelu - Solid Fuel

Dario Zenker - Aero

Antigone - Third From the Sun

Stanislav Tolkachev - Like No One Is Watching

Eduardo de la Calle - Concept Sampler

Marko Zenker - Morpho

Mike Denhert - 2.61

2562 - Aquatic Family Affair

Ferrer and Sydenham - Timbuktu

Joey Beltram - The Vertical

Keith Maniac - After Morning

Mark Broom - New Arrival