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Deeper Meaning
Butter Mix 7

Over the last couple of years we have seen a myriad of deep house labels pop up all over the place, but none have quite caught our eyes like Liverpool based Deeper Meanings. A branch of the well respected Etoka Records, Deeper Meanings, as the name suggests, focuses on the deeper side of house and techno. Their bio reads "Blurring genre lines and bucking trends" and so far this is exactly what their first two EPs have done, with the 2nd being an outstanding release from Melbourne's own Kitano. Label boss Arette was kind enough to put up Butter Mix 007 showcasing what the label is all about.

Deeper meanings is the latest branch of Etoka records, can you tell us more about the new label and the difference between the two?

The idea of Deeper Meaning is to release music of much more uniqueness and personality, and basically putting our catalog on a physical format. On DM we don't chase to release new music, or look for new unsigned tracks. We patiently wait for music that we like to come its self. Etoka Records was originally created as a digital label and it will continue to work in that format. Etoka has a strong artist roster, and a good relation with most of the artists since day one.

The first 2 releases have been rippers with the latest a 3 tracker from Melbourne's Kitano. How have you come about the artists for DM?

The number of our artists is limited and it will probably stay as it is. All of them are talented and have new interesting ideas coming quite often. The most important in DM production is to find something unusual, something that makes you listen to the track hundreds of times, a sound idea that stays in your mind for a long time! This releases become special, or maybe even a bit personal, like they belong to DM in the first place.


It looks like DM will be maintaing a strong vinyl presence. Why have you decided to go down this path?

It is no secret that vinyl represents quality of the sound, its value. We are truly in love with this idea, we would like to deliver more of it to the people. Vinyl is now going through hard times, although i definitely think there is some improvement going on, more and more labels started releasing on physical format & there is a lot of phenomenal music and talented artists out there! What is the scene like in Liverpool? Have the locals reacted positively to the first 2 eps?  To be honest with you, we never aimed for Liverpool yet. This city is more concerned on commercial music at the moment. As we said, our idea is to release for those who will understand and love our music, we are not trying to encourage those who do not.

Tell us about the mix you have put together for us.

This mix combines tracks that i really enjoy lately, although there are definitely more works nowadays that i admire on both vinyl & digitally, but unfortunately its only a 60 min session & its impossible to include them all!

What can we expect to see and hear from DM in the future?

We have already planned 2 next releases, first one will be released it the end of 2011 and the 2nd one in the first months of 2012. You will hear fascinating works by Verano, Paskal & Urban Absolutes, Nikosf., Artette. Also on our radar there are artists such as: Anton Lanski, Zero In Something, Drei Farben House

  • we are also planning our first digital release, which will hopefully be presented to you soon.


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Photo by Amelia Stanwix