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Butter Mix 80

Andras has contributed to our local music world in lots of ways, and we’ve been buggin’ him for a mix for sometime now. After two years of working under the same roof, we’re finally treated to the first tribute mix on the series: a dedication to the late and great studio pooch, Hector, who passed away late 2018 after eating a rubber doormat and further complications. Words from Andrew: "We miss you Hector. A mix 7 hours long in dog years.”

hector playing (recorded by maryos)

john lee hooker - tired of being your doggy

rhythm and sound - no partial

dub tractor - p. phase s.t.

peilican daughters - red, blue & yellow make a brown dog

nine hours of deep separation anxiety for dog relaxation

gerald murnane - knuckles the dog

dj healer - untitled (lifted from that apollo bay mix)

tapes - dog plate (thanks mk)

dog - niki fm

dj sound - instrumental

loop guru - gungaroo

dog sings ‘la la la’

allen tousaint & the stokes - go back home

low flung - shallow sleep

celer - b

lonnie holley - here i stand knocking at your door

? - pet cemetery (forgot who covered it, sorry)

stars of the lid - requiem for dying mothers pt2

57 palmerston st door slam