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Butter Mix 98

Welcome Polito to the Butter Mix!

An exciting new addition to the BSR roster deliver a flawless live session direct from their studio to your ears ahead of their debut EP ‘Ultraparallel’



Polito - Initial Incantation

Polito - Liquid Snake

Polito - Awaken

Polito - In The Throws

Polito - Magma Pt. 1

Polito - Magma Pt. 7

Polito - Close Your Eyes (Stub Your Toe)

Polito - Backslappp

Polito - Formant Pursuit

Polito - Chug Jug

Polito - Shadow Moses

Polito -(◎∩◎)

Polito - Tr8-fL3x

The Melbourne / Naarm based group show performance skill and production depth well beyond their youthful years in the one hour masterclass. Advanced techno rhythms, throbbing bass and space age sound effects that just seem to have something really special about them.

Dig in, dance around, enjoy!